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Whether you are a seasoned athlete or thinking of stepping on stage for the first time, our experienced and highly qualified coaches are ready to get you there!

We offer comp prep coaching worldwide across all Federations. 

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A competitor’s biggest fear is looking out of place or not looking “ready” on the day, which is why it is important to pick your coach wisely.

Our team of elite coaches are experienced across multiple federations and work closely with all of our ladies to build, sculpt and condition their physique for the federation and category that they are entering. Although it is an incredibly rewarding experience, we won’t lie – it is HARD work, our coaches have all competed themselves and understand this mental struggle and are ready to be right there beside you every step of the way!

We also understand that each competitor’s needs are different which is why we offer a Standard Competition Prep Coaching Service and also an Intensive Competition Prep Coaching Service which gives the option for clients who need it, DAILY 1 on 1 support with their coach throughout their comp prep journey.

New competitors often do not have the muscle mass and conditioning needed to start a Competition Prep AND to be competitive on stage. Rather than just take your money and push you into an unhealthy prep, our coaches will explore your goals and give you a breakdown of different coaches options to best get you to your goal while also keeping your overall health in the forefront. Competitors who opt to spend a period of time building muscle or reducing their body fat to move them into a prime condition to commence a prep are put through a “Pre-Prep” phase which also lays the foundations of understanding training intensity and nutrition basics which are crucial for a successful competition prep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you process the payment you will receive an email within 24 hours to set up your profile in the app. Your coach will then email you an onboarding questionnaire to gather all of the data we need to build your programs!

Personalised to you! Everybody is different and every program should be different too! What you need to meet your goals is different to the next lady – that’s why our clients get such incredible results!

A lot of planning goes into your programs so we do require a minimum of 12 week financial commitment. Once that minimum period is up you can cancel at any point.