Pregnancy & Postpartum Coaching

Whether you’re an experienced mother or eagerly anticipating the arrival of your little one, allow us to expertly and securely steer you through your pregnancy and postpartum journey!

Don’t Bounce Back. LEAP Forward!

Looking to regain your confidence after welcoming your little one? Pregnancy alters our bodies, and adapting to these changes can be quite challenging. We don’t advocate for “bouncing back”; instead, we champion “leaping forward”! Your transformed body has achieved feats your previous self hadn’t, and along the way, it may have gathered a few stretch marks or extra pounds—and we want you to know that’s perfectly fine!

Our mission with postpartum mamas isn’t to restore their former bodies; it’s to guide them in not only accepting their postpartum physique, but also in becoming the healthiest and most self-assured version of themselves EVER! Collaborate with us to reignite that spark in your stride and showcase your body confidence to your loved ones

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Hi Mumma!

We’re thrilled that you’re contemplating joining our coaching program!

We fully recognize the challenges you may face throughout pregnancy and adjusting to life once your little one arrives.

During my personal postpartum journey, I managed to shed 30kg, and I’m eager to support you in yours! I’ve had the pleasure of helping hundreds of mums rediscover their zest for life and regain the confidence to flaunt a bikini at the beach while taking pride in their body’s accomplishments.

Regardless of your current stage in this incredible journey, team up with us, and let’s conquer it together!

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*Pregnancy and Postpartum Coaching will be subject to a medical clearance from a female health physio.
Any specific recommendations from them we will include in your programs for you! 

Pregnancy Coaching:
1st, 2nd or 3rd Trimester

/ wk
with $49.99 sign up fee

postpartum Coaching:
nutrition only

/ wk
with $49.99 sign up fee

postpartum Coaching:
training & nutrition

with $49.99 sign up fee

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you process the payment you will receive an email within 24 hours to set up your profile in the app. Your coach will then email you an onboarding questionnaire to gather all of the data we need to build your programs!

We aren’t just giving you a training program, we are here to help educate and guide you through this new season in your life — as you navigate motherhood with your ongoing passion for training. This includes covering a blend of physiological, movement and nutritional education. Plus, we work 1 on 1 with you and custom design all your programs so that you reap rewards in strength, posture and aesthetics—all the while staying safe and nurturing to your body. And most of all, as mothers ourselves we support you every step of the way!

Personalised to you! Everybody is different and every program should be different too! What you need to meet your goals is different to the next lady – that’s why our clients get such incredible results!

YES! We cannot recommend this enough! Any exercises that are recommended for you we can include in your custom programs.