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Hi I’m Amanda, the proud founder of Estro-Physiques!

I created Estro because I wanted to create a platform to raise women to their ultimate health and fitness goals. There is nothing quite like seeing a women achieve things she never thought possible  my way!

There was a glaring absence of qualified trainers with expertise in female-focused fitness, and as a consequence, I witnessed countless women being misguided by uninformed and indifferent coaches, causing detrimental effects on their short-term and long-term goals as well as their overall health.

I desperately wanted women to realise they can have it all – ambitious body composition objectives AND excellent health.

I’ve had the privilege of guiding thousands of women towards their health and fitness goals, and I would honoured to assist you on your journey as well!

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With 17 years of immersion in the fitness industry, my journey has transformed from a complete novice consuming a mere 1200 calories and engaging in extensive cardio sessions (we all begin at some point!), to a proficient bodybuilder, and eventually navigating through pregnancy and postpartum training and recovery.

I have personally encountered various life stages and learned how health and fitness seamlessly integrate into the diverse roles and responsibilities we, as women, embrace, and how our needs continually evolve.

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We want athletes to realise you can have both; a difficult body composition goal and good health.

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Some of the key things I have learnt that I teach all of my clients.

My vision is to establish a comprehensive coaching hub catering to every woman, whether they aspire to be a Bodybuilding World Champion or simply wish to maintain activity throughout pregnancy.

If you seek to be part of a supportive team that propels one another to achieve goals once deemed unattainable – JOIN US! There’s nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

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Coach Amanda

I love coaching because it enables me to share the knowledge I have learnt both through study and experience with my clients so that they can achieve and maintain their goals in a healthy, sustainable way! I adore working with women in all phases of their lives; whether they are beginners, athletes, mothers or just ladies wanting to invest some time into themselves. 


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Check out some of our client results!

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